Success Stories







Meet Cat, a busy mother to two little boys. She is one of the few people I have actually had to tell NOT to come to a workout because she needed to give her body a chance to rest. Cat is also living proof that you can actually flatten your tummy after two c-sections. ~ Kim

     I met Elizabeth about a year after she began her weight loss journey. She had hit a plateau and was determined to break through it. With a few months of hard work and dedication to exercise and clean eating, she reached her goal! ~Kim




Here's What Some of Our Clients Have to Say...

"I had been trying to find a way to fit regular exercise into my busy family and work schedule and the early morning workouts here are a great solution. After joining the bootcamp more than 15 months ago, I am very pleased with the improvement in my fitness and energy levels. Thank you to Kim and my fellow boot-campers who are always so positive and encouraging!"

~Kristen C.



"Boot camp makes me push myself harder than I do on my own. It tests my abilities and makes me strive to be better, stronger and faster."

~ Heather D.



"I have been attending Veritas Fitness Boot Camp for over a year now and I'm at the best all around fitness level I have ever been. If you are looking for challenging workouts with a knowledgeable instructor and great camaraderie, Veritas Fitness's boot camp is for you!"

~ Nino G.



"As a die-hard fitness enthusiast for many years, I was looking for a change to my normal workout DVDs.  I joined Veritas Fitness' boot camp class thinking I would just go for the 6-week challenge trial.  Now, 1 1/2 years later, I still attend every morning.  I love the variety of the workouts and am challenged each day.  Kim is a great motivator!"

~ Julie H.



"Great workouts every week! Each day’s different & you get a really well-rounded workout each week. You’ll never peak because you can always push harder & there’s always new exercise routines. The best part is that I feel like there’s a lot of support from Kim & the rest of the class – it’s a very positive environment."

~ Becky M.



"I have been doing the boot camp for almost two years now and can't imagine doing anything else. It is a great workout. Kim is always challenging you to go harder and keep going, but is also willing to make adjustments to exercises to best suit your needs."

~Karen P.



"I’m so thankful for boot camp and the friend who invited me!  I was not exercising – not at all, not ever and my list of reasons was long and complicated. Boot camp keeps my job simple:  1) Show up, and 2) Keep moving.  I can do that.  Kim does the rest.  She makes sure the workouts cover various muscle groups, that I’m doing them right and she keeps it fun. Even though the scale hasn’t moved a whole lot, my size and belt loops are going down while my endurance and energy are climbing."

~ Angie P.



"The program works well for me.  I have to stay in shape for my career, and Veritas Fitness helps me remain competitive with my peers.  I especially like the fact that the workouts are planned out and different every day.  There is no planning required on my part and there is no boring grind!  I put forth the effort and realized excellent results in my personal health and fitness performance."

~ Kevin S.