Now busy mom's everywhere can lose weight and get into the best shape of their lives. During the next 28 days you will be able to lose weight, tone your muscles and improve your health dramatically!


With the help of "NO EXCUSES: A Busy Mom's Guide To Fitness" you will be able to:


no excuses

   - Fit a workout into even the busiest day

   - Learn 10 simple rules to improve your health AND your family's health

   - Try 20 healthy recipes that take less than 10 minutes to prepare

   - Learn simple techniques to improve your family's favorite meals

   - Use the planning guide to map out your success

   - Meet 3 AMAZING mom's who succeeded!

   - Receive weekly tips to keep you on track!





Here's what some of our Customers Had to Say:

"Great advice for improving the health of everyone in the family!! Easy book to read and the techniques are simple. You don't have to be a master chef or nutritionist to understand and implement these ideas."   ~Roadrunner

"Basic approach of fitness regime is doable for almost everyone. Common sense without the hype. Makes you feel like you can do it!"   ~Bookaholic83

"I just finished reading this short ebook (for which I am thankful), and already started implementing the easy to follow steps and tips. Thank you Mrs. Brockway!"   ~Ingrid Jimenez

"I liked the authors layout of doing short 4 minute exercises. Also great tips to slowly start adding these changes into your routine over 30 days."   ~Jennifer Koenig

"Not just a book for moms. I am a busy father of 3 and I will be able to implement all of the excellent suggestions In this book. Great read. I'm motivated as ever to get my family on the right track to a healthy lifestyle."   ~Charles Kuruzovich

"Easy to understand. Never heard of "tabata" but it's simple and not time consuming. love the simple and easy recipes."   ~Briones7086

"I was glad to see a book like this geared to moms. Loved the no nonsense approach to starting a healthier lifestyle. Very applicable to busy moms/ women with the short five minute workouts throughout the day. Would have loved to see even more recipes. Maybe that could be book 2?"   ~Lisa