Healthy Habit Challenge


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 So many people tell me they want to be healthy, they want to lose weight, they want to feel better, but they struggle with being consistent. 
Instead of obsessiong over the numbers on the scale, I've created a program that focuses on creating the habits that will bring about the goal.
Sure, we all want to lose 20lbs in 6 weeks, but will you be able to keep it off once you lose it? Or are you more likely to gain it all back? Do you make a goal lose weight each New Years, only to watch another year slip away without reaching your goal? Why not skip the weight loss and exercise goals in 2019, and instead focus on creating the permanent habits that will make those goals a reality?

Join the 12 month Healthy Habit Challenge.

We don't need another diet or fad. We need lifestyle changes.
We don't need negativity and added stress. We need positivity and support.
We don't need exhaustion and multiple naps. We need tons of energy to keep up with our busy lives.
We don't need short term results that go away just as quickly as they came. We need long term results and healthy habits that stick with us for life!
It takes SO MUCH EFFORT to reach those health and weight loss goals, and it seems like every time you get started, something happens to set you back.
It is SO HARD to find the time to put your own health first. It can be so hard to find the time plan meals for your family and then actually get your family to eat those meals. It can be so hard to squeeze in your workouts when life is so busy.
It is so frustrating when you are putting tons of effort into your weightloss/fitness goals, but aren't seeing consistent results. It is so frustrating when you don't like the way you look in what used to be your favorite outfit.

Why Does TRUEFIT Work So Well?

TrueFit is designed to give you results that last, by building healthy habits that last. These habits , combined with short, simple workouts are the key to reaching your goals and NEVER GOING BACK.

Meal plans, grocery lists and suggested prep sessions will also be available each week. Each day I will be checking in with you to make sure you are staying on track, just as I would if we were doing these workouts in person.

And yes, this is a 12 month commitment. 12 months to create 12 habits that will bring about the healthy lifestyle you want. Each month we will focus on creating a new habit, and each month will build on the habits we've created in previous months. 

Here are some of the habits we are going to focus on:

Drinking More Water
Getting Enough Sleep
Eating More Vegetables
Eating More Fruit
Deep Breathing
Healthy Mindset
And More!

What's Included With the True Fit Healthy Habit Challenge?

- Daily Workouts
- Daily Emails
- An App to Help You Build Great Habits
- Weekly Meal Plans
- Weekly Grocery Lists
- An AMAZING Online Support Group
- Challenges & Prizes
- A Fitness Coach with 12+ Years Experience Guiding You & Holding You Accountable! 


Who Can Benefit From TRUE FIT Healthy Habit Challenge?

If you:

- Are between the ages of 25-65

- Want to look and feel better

- Struggle to find time to consistently go to the gym or exercise

- Want to eat better, but don't always have time to plan it out

- Wants to lose some weight

Then this program is perfect for you!


Ready to Start?


Click here to sign up!! You have two options: 

- $19.50/month for 12 months

- $195 for 12 months Paid in full (2 months free!)