What Is Your Goal For 2018?


If you are ready to get into the best shape of your life this year, you need to start NOW!

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Join Veritas Fitness for a

28 Day Kickstart Challenge




28 Days



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Mon-Fri 5:30-6:15am (VERY LIMITED!)

Mon-Fri 6:30-7:15am

Mon-Fri 9:00-9:45am






Here's what you get when you join the 2018 Kickstart Challenge with Veritas Fitness:

   - Daily Workouts  (Mon-Fri 5:30am, 6:30am or 9:00am)

   - A detailed meal plan including recipes and grocery lists

   - Body diagnostics before and after the challenge

   - Daily "what to expect" emails

   - TONS of support 



Ready To Get On Track for 2018?

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What is Veritas Fitness Boot Camp? 

Veritas Fitness Boot Camp is a workout program designed to challenge you physically (and mentally!) using a wide range of exercise techniques.

Whether you are just beginning an exercise program or have been working out for years, we want to help you improve your health, build muscle, burn fat and get into the best shape of your life! 

We are here to support you in a positive, friendly environment while challenging you to push your body to new levels. You will be amazed by the transformation you will undergo at our Boot Camp Workouts!!  We can't wait to meet you!!


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Awesome Daily Workouts!

Goal Planning

Weekly Meal Plan & Grocery List

Weekly Newsletter

Cell Phone App to access your workouts & meal plans


Monthly - $119

Veterans & Public Safety - $89

Teachers & Students - $89



Here's What Some of Our Clients Have to Say...

"Boot camp makes me push myself harder than I do on my own. It tests my abilities and makes me strive to be better, stronger and faster."

~ Heather D.

"I have been attending Veritas Fitness Boot Camp for over a year now and I'm at the best all around fitness level I have ever been. If you are looking for challenging workouts with a knowledgeable instructor and great camaraderie, Veritas Fitness's boot camp is for you!"

~ Nino G.

"As a die-hard fitness enthusiast for many years, I was looking for a change to my normal workout DVDs.  I joined Veritas Fitness' boot camp class thinking I would just go for the 6-week challenge trial.  Now, 1 1/2 years later, I still attend every morning.  I love the variety of the workouts and am challenged each day.  Kim is a great motivator!"

~ Julie H.

"Great workouts every week! Each day’s different & you get a really well-rounded workout each week. You’ll never peak because you can always push harder & there’s always new exercise routines. The best part is that I feel like there’s a lot of support from Kim & the rest of the class – it’s a very positive environment."

~ Becky M.

"I’m so thankful for boot camp and the friend who invited me!  I was not exercising – not at all, not ever and my list of reasons was long and complicated.  

Boot camp keeps my job simple:  1) Show up, and 2) Keep moving.  I can do that.  Kim does the rest.  She makes sure the workouts cover various muscle groups, that I’m doing them right and she keeps it fun. Even though the scale hasn’t moved a whole lot, my size and belt loops are going down while my endurance and energy are climbing."

~ Angie P.

"The program works well for me.  I have to stay in shape for my career, and Veritas Fitness helps me remain competitive with my peers.  I especially like the fact that the workouts are planned out and different every day.  There is no planning required on my part and there is no boring grind!  I put forth the effort and realized excellent results in my personal health and fitness performance."

~ Kevin S.

Call or text Veritas Fitness at 269-386-0238 for details or to sign up!!