Are You A Busy Mom Ready to TAKE HEALTHY BACK?

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Are you frustrated by your "post-baby body" and need some guidance to get back on track?
Are you going crazy because you want to raise a healthy family, but confused by so much conflicting information?
Are you sick of dieting and ready for a TRUE Lifestyle Change? 

Then You Have Come to the RIGHT PLACE

TRUE FIT was created by a busy mom with busy moms in mind.
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 My name is Kim Brockway. I am a Certified Fitness Trainer, a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition and a busy wife and mother to three wild kiddos (ages 2, 4, & 6).
I know your struggles with weight loss and healthy living because I live them every day. It takes SO MUCH EFFORT to reach those health and weight loss goals, and it seems like every time you get started, something happens to set you back.
It is SO HARD to find the time to put your own health first. It is so hard to find the time plan meals for your family and then actually get your family to eat those meals. It is so hard to squeeze in your workouts when you can't even go to the bathroom by yourself.
It is so frustrating when you are putting tons of effort into your weightloss/fitness goals, but aren't seeing consistent results. It is so frustrating when you want to be a good example of healthy habits to your children, but you are so exhausted all you can think about is taking a nap. It is so frustrating when you don't like the way you look in what used to be your favorite outfit.

That's why I created "TRUEFIT."

Moms don't need another diet or fad. We need lifestyle changes.
Moms don't need negativity and added stress. We need positivity and support.
Moms don't need exhaustion and multiple naps. We need tons of energy to keep up with our families.
Moms don't need short term results that go away just as quickly as they came. We need long term results and healthy habits that stick with us for life!

Why Does TRUEFIT Work So Well?

TrueFit is designed to give you results that last, by building healthy habits that last. These habit changes, combined with short, simple workouts are the key to reaching your goals and NEVER GOING BACK.

Each workout will be customized to YOUR specific needs and abilities, based on your goals and the equipment you have access to either in your home or at a gym.

Meal plans, grocery lists and suggested prep sessions will also be available each week. Each day I will be checking in with you to make sure you are staying on track, just as I would if we were doing these workouts in person.

What's Included?

- Daily Workouts
- Daily Emails
- An App to Help You Build Great Habits
- Weekly Meal Plans
- Weekly Grocery Lists
- An AMAZING Online Support Group
- Challenges & Prizes
- A Fitness Coach with 10+ Years Experience Guiding You & Holding You Accountable! 


Who Can Benefit From TRUE FIT Virtual Personal Training?

If you are a busy parent who:

- Is between the ages of 25-55

- Wants to look and feel better

- Struggles to find time to consistently go to the gym or exercise

- Wants to eat better, but doesn't always have time to plan it out

- Wants to lose some "babyweight"

Then this program is perfect for you!


Will An Online Training Program Really Work? 

Why Online Coaching?Trex

I created this program because I have 3 little ones at home and I know how hard it is to find time to exercise. And I'm a personal trainer! Between work, keeping up with family and running a household, there's not much left at the end of the day for exercise and meal planning. Its time to stop making excuses and putting ourselves last! Won't we be better parents if we have a little more energy and are feeling happier, healthier and more confident? 




Do You Have To Be A Busy Parent to Participate?

Anyone can participate in this program. The reason they are geared towards busy parent is because I AM a busy parent with young children and I know how challenging that is. But this program will help anyone reach their goals, as long as they are ok with lots of "parent-talk" ;-)



Facebook Support Group

Our facebook support group is the center of our program! A healthy lifestyle can be challenging and one of the best ways to stay on track is through an AWESOME support system! Our facebook group is a positive environment where you can share your highs and lows, ask questions, discuss meal plans and workouts and stay motivated.



Weekly Workouts No-More-Excuses-Poster

Each day you will have several workout options. These workouts are easily accessed from your computer or smartphone and will make sure you work every muscle group multiple times throughout the week!

- A quick and simple daily challenge if you only have a few minutes

- A new 15 workout each day that can be done anywhere!

- A more complex 45 minute workout available on our membership website each weekday. 



Meal Plan 

Every month you will have access to new meal plans! These plans cover a wide range of dietary needs and goals, including beginner meal plans & Paleo meal plans.



Monthly Grocery Lists

Each meal plan comes with a detailed grocery list to help you prepare for the week ahead. All you have to do is adjust according to the number of people you need to feed.




You will never be locked in to a long term contract with these programs! You can also switch program levels at any time based on your current needs!


Ready to Start? 



Click the button to fill out a form and a 

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