Create a healthier workplace with wellness challenges


Why have wellness challenges?

Improve Health

Improve Productivity

Improve Productivity


Workplace wellness programs make it easier for employees to prioritize their health. These programs also help to decrease risk factors like smoking and heart disease.

Improve Productivity

Improve Productivity

Improve Productivity


Healthy employees are more focused and engaged in the projects at hand. They will think more clearly and strategically as their health issues decrease.  

Improve Morale

Improve Productivity

Decrease Health Care Costs


Everyone prefers to work in a positive environment! Wellness programs improve morale and company culture all in one!

Decrease Health Care Costs

Decrease Health Care Costs

Decrease Health Care Costs


Companies with a solid wellness program see an ROI of between $1.40-$4.60 for every dollar spent.

Decrease Sick Days

Decrease Health Care Costs

Decrease Presenteeism


Sick days are rough on both the employee and the company. The more we can eliminate, the better!

Decrease Presenteeism

Decrease Health Care Costs

Decrease Presenteeism


The last thing most companies need is a sick, unfocused person spreading their germs around the office!...

what's included:


Healthy Habit Challenges

Our primary focus is to create a new (or improved) healthy habit. These habits could include things like hydration, eating fruits & vegetables, stress management, improving sleep, etc… Small changes add up to big benefits, and we make it fun with some friendly competition.

Daily Fitness Challenges

Each day we will have a simple challenge, like pushups, planks, squats, etc. These are totally optional, but tons of fun!

Weekly Workouts

Each week participants will be sent several simple workouts that can be done anywhere and adjusted for all different fitness levels. 

Meal Prep Workshops

Each week participants can log into a live Zoom workshop and make 5 healthy freezer meals in one hour. These workshops are recorded so that anyone who is unable to participate live can still access them.

Body Diagnostics

At the beginning and end of each challenge I will come on site to check weight and body fat percentages for participants. We give away a prize for most weight lost!

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